Uber Dominates as Most Popular Taxi App in 108 Countries

As the battle for the world’s ride-hailing customers heats up, here’s one statistic to consider: Uber is now the most used taxi app in 108 countries.

That’s according to analytics provider SimilarWeb, which tracked the reach and usage of ride-hailing apps in 171 countries on Android devices.

Uber is the most dominant player in broad swaths of the globe, including all of North America and much of Europe, Africa, and South America.

San Francisco-based Uber has a particularly big lead in the US, where the app is installed on 21% of all Android devices, compared with just under 3% for its main domestic competitor Lyft, according to SimilarWeb.

Australia has also proven to be a strong market for Uber, with 13% of Android users in the country having installed the app.


The one region where Uber has struggled is Asia, where local operators have held ground.

Earlier this month, Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick ceded the world’s biggest ride-hailing market, announcing that he was selling the startup’s China operations to Didi.

In India, Uber also fell short of Ola, even after Uber said last year that it would spend $1bn to gain its footing in the country.

Ola has been installed on 20% of India’s Android devices, giving the Bangalore-based company twice the reach of Uber.

Meanwhile, Singapore-based Grab held ground in Southeast Asia, coming out as the No.1 service in six countries. Dubai-based Careem proved popular in the Middle East.

SimilarWeb tracked only countries in which at least 1% of all Android devices had a particular ride-hailing app installed, bringing the total number of countries the company analyzed to 171.


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