U.S Supports Kenya With $32.6 Million Drought Relief

The U.S. on Tuesday announced 32.6 million dollars in new funding for humanitarian assistance to address severe drought in Kenya where no fewer than three million people are food insecure.

Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec said the funding is part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s ongoing support to Kenya’s drought response, coordinated by the National Drought Management Authority.

“The U.S. is helping to feed children and families who are suffering as a result of the drought.

“We are working to save lives and to support Kenyan efforts to build resilience in the most vulnerable communities,” Godec said in a statement issued in Nairobi.


The East African nation is grappling with food insecurity occasioned by two seasons of failed drains in the country’s breadbaskets.

The escalating drought which affected an estimated three million people forced the government to adopt short term measures like tax waivers on maize imports to stave off hunger related deaths.

However, robust state intervention has stabilised the price of maize flour that is currently retailing at around 0.9 dollars, down from over two dollars in May.

The drought is also causing an increase in malnutrition especially among children in northern Kenya


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