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U.S. Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Claims Kenyan Heritage

The Republican candidate has announced his plans for a week-long trip which will see him visit Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia in an effort to boost his foreign policy credentials.

Ben Carson will tour Kenya, which he says is his ancestral home, Nigeria and Zambia in a week-long tour from December 27.

In July, the 63 year-old retired neuro-surgeon and US Republican presidential candidate said his ancestors were of the Turkana tribe.

“I think a lot of our policy in the future is going to affect Africa,” he told US radio host Hugh Hewitt during an interview on Monday.

“But I’m going to those three countries in particular because my ancestors are from the Kenya-Tanzania region, the Turkana tribe. I’ve had all of that traced back.”


Carson said the tour will enable him make decisions based on “seeing things firsthand” as opposed to “filtered information”.

He said his trip to Nigeria will include a visit to a medical school named after him.

“I want to get an idea from the people what the effects of the Boko Haram are, what people are thinking, to see what the economic situation is there,” he added.


He said he will go to Zambia as the Banda twins are there, noting he was part of a team that separated them.

“We separated them. They were joined at the top of the head facing in opposite directions almost 18 years ago and this is the year they graduate from high school,’ he said.

U.S. Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks during the Heritage Action for America presidential candidate forum in Greenville, South Carolina September 18, 2015. REUTERS/Chris Keane

Carson said his recent visit to a refugee camp cemented his conviction to resettle those fleeing violence in Syria in the Middle East, rather than in the United States.

“By going over to Jordan and actually talking to the Syrians and really getting their perspective on things, I saw it was very different from what we hear in the media. And it makes a difference,’ he said.

Carson’s July revelation sparked excitement concerning the possibility that another leader with Kenyan roots could make it to the White House.

US President Barack Obama, whose father was born in Kenya, visited his homeland for the July 24 to 26 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, that he co-hosted with President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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  1. i dont know which would be worse, if the Africans kept him over there, or if they quickly sent his crazy azz back!!!! word of caution to the Africans dont let him sooth or convince you with babble about his imaginary god / jesus and that sort of stupidity. he is NOT any kind of representation of what Black folks think here in america

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