U.S President Elect Donald Trump Causes Twitter Meltdown Among Americans After He Tweets ‘China Should Keep Drones They Stole From America’

U.S president elect, Donald Trump has caused some major ‘meltdown’ on Twitter after he took to his Twitter handle today to tweet that China shouldn’t return drones they’ve stolen from America as America won’t need them again.

Trump’s tweet accusing China of stealing U.S drones was issued shortly after China’s foreign ministry said it was negotiating with the US over a vehicle, a “glider” used to collect unclassified scientific data that they ‘captured’ in the South China Sea.

Americans, flooded Trump’s timeline blasting and accusing him of trying to cause some sort of International warfare with China on social media even before he became president.
A Twitter user even advised him to take his hands off Twitter before he causes war with China, a world power in their own right.

See reactions below…

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