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U.S: Another Famous Professor Predicts That Trump Is More Than Ever Close To The Impeachment.

Allan Litchman, a famous American professor, predicted Donald Trump’s victory in September 2006, long before most Americans considered it a possibility. However, his prediction was accompanied by a warning that he will be dismissed within a year.

In a magazine for Times magazine, Allan Litchman says that Donald Trump is more than ever close to the impeachment.

“A lot of Republicans could turn against him. And to get the majority of votes for the launch of the impeachment procedure, it is necessary that about twenty Republicans, about 10% of all Republicans in the House of Representatives, unite with the Democrats. The second option, obviously unlikely but possible: that the Democrats get the majority in the House of Representatives. Then I think it would be possible to start this procedure very quickly, “said the professor.


In fact, Mr. Lichtman told The Daily Star that Trump’s dismissal will take place in the spring of 2018.

According to him, this is due to the recent charges brought by the special advocate, Robert Mueller.

Trump claims to have been taken aback by the indictment of his former campaign manager and the plea agreement signed by one of his campaign associates. “As you know, I’m not being investigated,” the president said, but Litchman says he should be worried.

It should be noted that American astrologers do not hesitate to predict a future little radiant for Donald Trump. They predict either the end of his mandate or his assassination, or other violence against him by the end of the year.


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