Tyson Fury’s Dad Tells Deontay Wilder His Trilogy Bout May ‘Cost Him His Career And His Life’

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File Photo Deontay Wilder Punches Tyson Fury in the Ninth Round Fighting to a Draw During the Wbc Heavyweight Championship at Staples Center on December 1 2018 in Los Angeles California Harry Howgetty Imagesafp


Tyson Fury’s father, John, has sent a strong warning to his son’s next opponent, Deontay Wilder ahead of their trilogy.

The two fighters were sent to fight for the third time this July but pushed it back to October after Fury tested positive for Covid-19.

During the explosive build-up, John offered the warning to Wilder during an interview with Boxing Social, saying that Fury will devastate him and potentially leave him ‘an invalid’.


Asked for his feelings on Wilder underestimating his son, John said: ‘Like Tyson got cherry-picked with Deontay Wilder twice.


Tyson Fury


‘Because if they never saw Tyson’s eye hanging off against Otto Wallin, a terrible performance, they wouldn’t have wanted the second fight.

He can look terrible in a training camp, but when he gets in that ring, he’s a different man, different animal,’ he added. ‘And they got it wrong twice.


‘And they’ll get it wrong the third time. But the third time will cost him his career and his life, probably.


‘If he’s not dead, he’ll be an invalid, which is a silly man. But if they want to sell their soul and put their life on the line for money, which I’m sure they will, get on with it.’


The two rivals have made their distaste for each other clear over recent months, and Wilder stepped up the war of words by threatening to ‘commit a legal homicide’.

‘My mind is very violent,’ Wilder said. ‘We built a whole facility to commit a legal homicide and that’s just what it is, my mind is very violent at this time.

‘The only thing about it is, at that point in time, I have to wait until I get in the ring to really release because I can’t do it on the outside, it’d defeat the purpose.


‘The baby’s got to eat, but when I do get in the ring, this is what I love about it.


‘I’m able to release everything I’ve been feeling, everything I’ve been thinking, and get paid to do it.’

In their previous fight, Wilder suffered defeat at the hands of Fury and will look for revenge when they finally meet again in October.

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