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Tyrese Says Depression Medicines Are Responsible For His Social Media Meltdown

Tyrese has shown some erratic behavior over the last few weeks and he is now explaining why. According to him, it’s his new medication that is to blame.

He caused a stir when he had an online meltdown but says it was an adverse reaction to the drug Rexulti which is used to treat depression. He says he is no longer on that medication and is finally getting back to normal.

He wanted to apologize to the people that his behavior affected over the last couple of months.

As you may remember, he has been in a recent court battle with his ex Norma Gibson and he says he was put on the medication in order to help him deal with the stress.

On Instagram he wrote that he was making a “public apology” and that he doesn’t have a “mental illness,” he was simply to on Rexulti to “deal with the trauma of losing my daughter this way.”


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