Two Rwandan City Markets Closed Over An Increase Of COVID-19 Cases

Nyabugogo Market. PHOTO/Craish Bahizi-NewTimesRwanda

Rwanda’s Nyabugogo Market (commonly known as Kwa Mutangana) and the Nyarugenge City Market will effective Monday, August 17 close for one week as the government seeks to control a sudden spike in new infections in Kigali.


The decision comes after the government said that the 253 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the country since Friday are mostly people from Nyarugenge and Nyabugogo (Kwa Mutangana) markets plus a few from the country’s ministries.

Of these, Kigali alone accounts for 219 cases.

In a letter dated August 16, the Mayor of City of Kigali, Pudence Rubingisa, said that those who operate in this market, especially those who sell perishables will be given time to remove their stock and relocate to another market.

“The leadership of both markets will inform those who sell perishables what their next area of operation will be. We would like to inform you that these two areas that you are vacating will be disinfected and those who operate there

Police Spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera said that the measures of protecting oneself from Covid-19 should be different now than it was during the lockdown due to the influx of people.

Almost all businesses are open. There are local leaders, volunteers, and other security personnel. There is a need to sit down and revise how these guidelines can be enforced collectively,” he said.


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