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Two Moroccan Beaches; Legzira and Agadir Among the Most Beautiful in the World

In our previous editions, we said that Morocco remains a country very popular with tourists who went to this country for a good holiday and that all those who go there, whether in Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca, discover safe, secure places, and often the best conditions for stays.

It is not by chance that this country is the favorite destination of summer visitors from neighboring countries, foreigners too. Not only that we find in this country favorable reception conditions, but also we find places considered among the best in the world. This is the case to say, since Morocco has just been honored by the international press with the integration of two Moroccan beaches among the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Indeed, and in a ranking published by a foreign site, the beach of Legzira which is in Tiznit would be classified among the most beautiful beaches of Africa. The beach of Agadir, renowned worldwide is ranked in the “Top 50” of the best beaches in town. It is argued that this survey was conducted among 1200 journalists, editors, bloggers and travel professionals around the world.

This would have allowed the edition of the ranking “The World’s Best Beaches 2018”. For the site in question, Legzira remain this secluded beach that gives the impression of traveling in a country that humanity has not yet discovered. It is quoted that it is such a fabulous place that it is hard to believe that it really exists.

For the place of Agadir, it is especially recommended for families. These and with young children can marvel on the nearby tourist train. The advantage is that once on this beach, it would be easy to find a vendor drink (water, juice …).


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