These Two Grannies Did It Better Than Romeo And Juliet of Titanic!!!

This couple spent together 70+ years. The man managed to live to be 100 years of age, but he kept on loving his wife and held her hand saying goodbye.

old wife and husband

This is a very touching story, the one that makes young people dream of marriage hoping to find their soul mate. Such couples are not many, but the ones that manage to walk side by side in this life often die almost together. They do not let even death to separate them.

Floreen and Ed Hale stayed married for over 70 years. Till their last moments on Earth, they helped each other and tried to help and comfort one another. And health and in sickness, they remain inseparable. These photos were laid out by a girl, and she writes:


“My Grandma, 96, with my Grandpa, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of marriage.”

Surely these people had good and bad times. They had fights over things and disagreements, but somehow they managed to stay together until the end. And their tenderness is still there. Such stories bring inspiration to those struggling in their marriages. They give us hope. We know an eternal love is there.

seniors' hands

Look at them we can stay determined, loving and caring enough to end our lives satisfied with the legacy we leave for our children and grandchildren!


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