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Twitter Blames ‘Victoria’s Secret’ For Embarrassing This Black Model!!

With the limited time resource, it is only through proper preparation and well management of time that we can be able to accomplish a lot of tasks waiting for our attention.

When we prepare well enough, we can be able to overcome some of the embarrassment that could arise had we delayed to do something.

The recent incidence involving ‘Victoria’s Secret’ left many people talking, “what might have gone wrong?!”

The above-featured image shows Zuri Tibby on the brand’s website, but it also left the Internet wondering if her stylist was well prepared for such an iconic photo.


Maybe ‘Victoria’s Secret’ might have thought that by putting such an image on their web page, could make people acknowledge their uniqueness, but it ended up exposing their lack of preparation for such an important part.

For sure Black Twitter does not let anything fall through the cracks and ‘Victoria’s Secret’ is the latest brand to be literally dragged through the mud.

On June 7, the beauty brand trended online for all the wrong reasons when the Twitter user “@CrownedByChina” shared a photo of model Zuri Tibby, from Victori’s Secret website.

In the picture, you can just see that the 21-year-old looks fabulous in a strapless bra, but many have accused the beauty brand of leaving her hair messy and unkempt compared to the other models on the website.

“Black lives matter! Say her name. We are going to help our sister out!!! VICTORIA GOT SISTER F*CKED UP,” read the initial caption—which was retweeted more than 4,000 times. And even though the “@CrownedByChina” account has since been deactivated, the Twitter users have continued discussing the viral picture.

Below are some of the comments.

[“@CrownedByChina. Although I am so sorry, I’m also literally choking”]

[“So you are all telling me that Victoria’s Secret could not do her hair?  They actually put her online looking like this!?”

[“VS is not right. They got this black girl on to website with her hair hurting like this!”]

And while many do not see an issue with the Tibby’s hair, others have expressed their disappointment in ‘Victoria’s Secret’ stylists, who they feel “should have taken better advantage of Tibby’s versatile texture and made a more flattering look.”

And Behind-the-scenes diversity continued to be a hot-button issue as more industry professionals and models speak out about working with the stylists who have not been educated on how to work with textured hair or brown skin.


Written by How Africa

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