Debra L. Lee Appointed As Twitter’s First Black Board Member

Twitter, the micro-blogging social networking site, which has previously been heavily criticized for its lack of diversity and gender inclusion in its workforce has appointed Debra L. Lee as the company’s first black board member.

With the appointment, Lee, who is the chairperson and CEO of BET Networks, the parent company of Black Entertainment Television, becomes the third female board member, a welcome and notable development.

Lee, a graduate of the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School is one of America’s most respected and experienced business executives.

Black Twitter will surely appreciate Lee’s appointment, considering previous calls made against the company’s lack of diversity.

It is commonplace knowledge that America’s technology sector, particularly the Silicon Valley, that tech companies have been lagging behind in terms of gender equality, and racial inclusion.

Although the recent appointment of Lee as Twitter’s first black board member will not immediately change the glaring gender and racial disparities, in the long run it could influence more radical changes in terms of gender parity and racial inclusion.

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