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“Turkey’s Gift to Djibouti” – The Largest Mosque in East Africa Built By Turkey Set to Open

East Africa is set to have its biggest mosque by February 2019. The mosque, which will be in Djibouti, in the capital city, was built by Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation (TDV). Development started in 2017 and the mosque will open in February 2019.

The mosque is a similarity of the sublime Ottoman Empire, a previous bastion of the Islamic religion which had wide power over a few sections of the world. The mosque is consequently styled in the great Ottoman Empire design, and wonderfully remains over a reasonable region of 10,000 square meters disregarding the Indian Ocean shores close to the Djiboutian presidential royal residence.

The venture development chief Furkan Kazım Yüksel uncovered that the  mosque has an ability to oblige 5,000 individuals for supplication on the double. “There is additionally a green territory and a patio displayed after the Blue Mosque in Turkey.” He likewise recognized the issue of the trouble in developing the mosque since part of the mosque lays on the sea.


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