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“Tupac Shakur Planned to Simulate His Own Death”: Sentenced Suge Knight Reveals

Tupac Shakur talked about simulating his own death a few weeks before his death, Suge Knight revealed.

The founder and former CEO of Death Row Records made this revelation in December 2011 and it was aired during a new documentary interview last Saturday.

Marion H. Knight Jr, 53, by her real name Marion H. Knight, is currently serving 28 years in a San Diego jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter. But he still manages to make shocking statements behind bars in various interviews. The former American footballer said that shortly after paying Tupac Shakur’s $ 1.4 million bond and signing him at Death Row, they traveled to Maui, Hawaii in 1996.


And Tupac could not have been happier, according to Suge who made statements in the American Dream / American Knightmare documentary.

“We were in Maui, you know what I mean, and Pac never went to Maui,” he said. “And he was talking about simulating his own death. He added, “And Pac started making the latest little videos and the shit of him dying all white, you know what I mean, with Redd Foxx and everyone like that. Suge was referring to a music video that Pac had shot weeks before his death.

The I Is not Mad At Cha clip showed Tupac, 25, who was shot and won his place in paradise – a sinister prediction of his own impending death. Suge was sitting next to Tupac Shakur, who released albums under his record label, when he was shot four times in Las Vegas in 1996.

The mystery of his assassination has not been solved all this time, but he has been at the center of the discussions of many conspiracy theorists over the last two decades.

Suge’s son, Suge Junior, recently claimed that Tupac was alive and living in Malaysia, a revelation that adds to the many theories that Tupac simulated his death. According to several observers, the legendary rapper was “seen” in different countries despite his cremation. He was “spotted” in Los Angeles, Wall Street, Somalia and Cuba where his aunt Assata Shakur was granted political asylum after escaping from prison in 1984.

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