Tunisians Protest Trump’s ‘Deal of Shame,’ Call for Boycott of US Products

Hundreds of people in Tunisia demonstrated on Wednesday in the centre of the capital Tunis against a recent Middle East plan by United States president Donald Trump.


According to protesters, “Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” plan”: was at best “The Deal of Shame,” they also calling for the boycott of all American products. The said plan has been firmly rejected by the Palestinians and the Arab League.

According to Brahim Bouderbala, president of the bar association, “I call on all the free peoples of the world to unite to oppose this barbaric decision, which is a violation of all UN resolutions.”

Trump on 28 January unveiled a controversial plan for the Israeli – Palestinian conflict but analysts say ot is favourable to Israel as it allows it to annex occupied Palestinian territories despite international law, and the recognition of Jerusalem as its “indivisible capital.”

For his part, Noureddine Taboubi, a protest leader described the plan as a betrayal and said Arab nations were complicit in what Trump had come up with. “Today, this agreement is a great betrayal. It is a lesson for the treacherous Arab states in this affair.

“Today they want to sell Jerusalem and tomorrow they will sell the holy places. We tell them that there are educated, cultured and rebellious Arab youths in every corner of the world, and they will certainly turn against you. It is from them (this youth) that you derive your legitimacy.”


Written by How Africa

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