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Tunisian Doctors Successfully Perform First Bone Marrow Transplant on a Child

From success to success, the health sector in Tunisia is experiencing a considerable and significant growth. Medicine has already taken its merry way, surgical operations have been made and successful in all areas. This country is one of the few in Africa to experience a surge of success. Most recently, on April 12th, the first bone marrow transplant was performed on a six-year-old child at the bone marrow transplant center in Tunis.

An operation qualified as successful, according to the medical team that was responsible for this operation. B. Mohamed, who is none other than the chief of the pediatric department, “immuno-hematology and stem cell transplant” at the center, would have described this operation as “historic”. It is in all cases the first of its kind performed on a child in Tunisia. He further stated that the sick child has recovered but will remain under medical supervision before being allowed to leave the hospital in the next few days.


The success of this first operation of the bone marrow transplant makes some say that it is now possible in this country that is Tunisia. Recalling that it is the association named “Maram Solidarité” which has equipped the center of bone marrow transplantation of the first hematopoietic stem cell collection system in Tunisia.

Previously, this kind of operation is done on adults and this is the first experience on a young child. This facility allows the collection and storage of hematopoietic stem cells for autografting (transplantation of its own stem cells). Note the allogeneic bone marrow transplant is performed in Tunisia and this for twenty years already (from 1998) on adults but for eleven years, ie from the year 2007 on children.

The advanced success rate is estimated at 81% out of a total of 115 transactions. This type of operation would, if necessary, save a large number of children suffering from this type of cancer from certain death. This will be good news especially for parents who suffer from their children with this kind of disease.


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