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Tunisian Authorities Foil 5 illegal Immigration Attempts

Tunisian authorities foiled five illegal immigration attempts to cross the Mediterranean to the southern Italian coast, the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior said on Sunday.

LAMPEDUSA, ITALY – JUNE 21: Illegal immigrants wait to be taken on board by a boat of Italian Custom Police “Guardia di Finanza” on June 21, 2005 in Lampedusa, Italy. Tens of thousands of immigrants land on the Italian coast each year, most of them heading from north Africa on ramshackle boats.In the Mediterranean Sea between Malta and Tunisia, Lampedusa Island is one of the main gateways for illegal immigration from Africa into Europe. According to a report by Amnesty International, Illegal immigrants who land in Italy consistently allege they have been abused, holding centres are overcrowded and no legal assistance is offered. Italian authorities refused to give access to the centres to enable further investigations by Amnesty. The Amnesty International report says 15,647 people were held in the centres in 2004: a 9 per-cent increase on the previous year. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)

According to the ministry, these attempts were foiled by the coast guard units in the capital Tunis and the coastal provinces of Mahdia, Sousse, Monastir, as well as Nabeul.


“More than 60 individuals, aged between 16 and 28, have been arrested while they tried to cross the Mediterranean to Italy aboard motorboats,” read the report.

Large sums of money in Tunisian dinar and foreign currencies have been seized during this operation.

Thousands of illegal immigrants attempt to cross the Mediterranean every year as Tunisia is one of the main points of access to Europe through irregular channels.


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