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Tunisia Lifts Ban, Muslim Women Now Marry Non Muslim Men

President Beji Caid Essebsi had guaranteed that the boycott will be lifted in regard of the 2014 constitution that ensures ladies’ freedom

Representative of the administration, Saida Garrach is accounted for to have affirmed the lifting of the ban in a Facebook post complimenting Tunisian ladies for recovering their “entitlement to the opportunity to pick one’s mate”.

Before the new legislation, a non-Muslim man had to convert to Islam and show a certificate as proof before he is allowed to marry a Muslim woman. This is not the same for Tunisian men who can marry a non-Muslim woman.


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The legislation has been condemned by Muslim clerics who have pushed against its adoption.

It sets aside Tunisia from the rest of the Arab world where Islamic laws are strictly practiced.

Tunisia in 1956 banned polygamy and in July this year, introduced a law abolishing the clause that allowed rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victims.


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