Tunisia: Law Prohibiting Tunisian Women From Marrying Non-Muslims Finally Abrogated

It is a relief to the Tunisians. Since Thursday, September 14, they will no longer oblige their suitors or lovers to convert to Islam to marry them as required by law.

”  It’s a victory,  ” says Monia Ben Jemia, the president of the Tunisian association of Democratic women. The one who has always struggled to have this circular dated 5 November 1973 repealed does not hide its joy at the announcement of the news. Tunisian women are no longer obliged to marry a Muslim. Non-Muslim foreigners are no longer obliged to convert to the Muslim religion to formalize their union with a Tunisian woman.

Saïda Garrach, spokesperson for the presidency, wrote on Facebook: ”  All the texts related to the prohibition of Tunisian marriage with a foreigner, namely the 1973 circular and all similar texts, have been canceled. Congratulations to the women of Tunisia for the consecration of the right to the freedom to choose one’s spouse  “.


A few days ago, the Ministry of Justice had sent a circular to all administrations, announcing the repeal of the various texts that prevented the union of a Tunisian with a non-Muslim.


On 13 August 2017, on the occasion of the celebration of the Women’s Day, Head of State Béji Caïd Essebi, announced his willingness to revise the circular.

For Monia Ben Jemia, this victory also has the value of example: ” Tunisia becomes a kind of endogenous model of progress. This is a challenge for our Maghreb neighbors, it is very positive. There is a real regional emulsion and it benefits women throughout North Africa. I hope that our neighbors will be inspired by what has just happened in Tunisia “.


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