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Tunisia Jails Couple For ‘Public Indecency’ Over Car Kiss

A couple was sentenced to several months in prison in Tunisia after being caught kissing in their car.

Nassim Ouadi, a 33-year-old French-Algerian, and his 44-year-old Tunisian girlfriend were sentenced Wednesday by a judge of the Carthage District Court. They were convicted of public indecency, intoxication and insults against a public official.


The two defendants, who insist they did not even kiss, were sentenced to a sentence of a few weeks less than those pronounced at first instance on 4 October, despite a major mobilization and media coverage of this case of “kiss” .

Nessim Ouadi, aged 33, was sentenced to four months in prison for “indecent assault” and “contempt of a functionary in the performance of her duties”, and she was sentenced to two months for the first count .


According to their lawyer, Ghazi Mrabet, the couple drove last Friday to Gammarth, a suburb of the capital, Tunis. “After two minutes, a police car arrived and asked the couple for their identity papers , the lawyer said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“The woman gave her identity card, but Wadi, who does not speak Arabic, went to get his passport in his suitcase, which was in the trunk of the car. The police shouted at him, insulted him and forced him to lie on the floor. He handed over his passport and then searched his luggage, then the car, even under the carpets, ”  added the lawyer.

The couple were then taken to a police station, but after 20 minutes they were able to return home. A policeman warned them, however, that the episode would not stop there.
” The Franco-Algerian, believing himself in France or in a film, then told the police:” You think it will not stop there ?, I want your names and numbers, I intend to speak to my embassy. And that’s where your life will change , “according to the statement posted on Facebook by Mrabet.

According to the Middle East Eye, Ouadi was later charged with contempt of a public official, indecent assault and refusal to obey the police – accusations often made against demonstrators in Tunisia, or against couples publicly displaying of the affection.


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