Try This Sugar Peeling That Will Help You Remove All The Dead Cells from Your Skin

Did you know that it is quite easy to make body peeling at home, whether you make it for yourself or as a gift for your best friend?

Brown sugar and vanilla peeling

Brown sugar body peeling is always popular, and for its preparation you will only need three ingredients. You should know that it is better to use brown sugar instead ordinary white because grains of brown sugar are smaller than the ordinary white, so they won’t damage your skin. In addition, this peeling mixture has a great scent and also it warms your skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.



  • 1 cup brown of sugar,
  • 1/3 cup of almond oil,
  • 20 drops of vanilla extract.


In a glass or ceramic bowl, add the sugar and the vanilla drops and stir this mixture. Then gradually pour the almond oil, stirring the mixture constantly. You will know that your peeling mixture is done when you get a paste as thick as wet sand.

Once you try this recipe, feel free to use your imagination and make you own peeling mixture using your favorite ingredients.


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