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Trump’s Sanction Against Nigeria: Nigerian Authorities Reapply to the United States

The visa restriction measure taken by the United States of Nigeria – and other countries came into force on Friday, February 21. Since Abuja, the government of Buhari claims its dismissal in particular because of its strategic partnership with the country of Uncle Sam.

Outside of Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania and Eritrea are also affected by this decision.

In a statement published the day after the implementation of this measure, Ogbéni Aregbesola, the Nigerian Minister of the Interior did not hide his indignation at this decision: ”  Nigeria is too important an ally of America to deserve such a situation  ”can be read in the press release.

Trump's sanction against Nigeria: Nigerian authorities reapply to the United States

The Nigerian authorities wish to repeal this new measure in view of the strategic partnership that exists between the two English-speaking countries. It must be said that in the meantime this restriction decree had aroused much fear and fear in Nigeria.


Mary Beth Leonard, the US ambassador to Nigeria, spoke of “  her country’s determination to continue to collaborate with ” the country of Muhammdu Buhari. However, it did not specify the request by the Nigerian authorities regarding the anti-immigration decree.

It is therefore far from knowing whether the United States will respond favorably to Nigeria’s request by subtracting it from the lot of countries hit by this anti-immigration decree.

The diplomat insisted above all on the fact that Nigeria should respect the standard of information sharing and to make more efficient its data to allow to facilitate the investigations on the citizens wanting to travel on America.

The US ambassador to Nigeria simply explained to the media that ”  the president’s decision is the result of a comprehensive and systematic assessment by the Department of Homeland Security  .”

Countries are ” unable  ” to meet ” basic  ” criteria  according to the authorities. The measure only targets ”  certain categories of immigration visas …  “.


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