Trump’s Appointment of Nigeria’s Adebayo Ogunlesi Trends on Google

The appointment of Nigeria’s Adebayo Ogunlesi as a member of U.S. President-elect’s Strategic and Policy Forum was top on Google search this week, an official said on Thursday.
Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Anglophone West Africa, Mr. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, made the disclosure in a statement in Lagos.

He said that the search was from November 30 to December 7.

He said that other stories that trended on Google search this week include those of a Brazilian plane crash and death of a stowaway on Arik Air.

He said, “Ogunlesi has been appointed as a member of America’s President-Elect, Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.

“Ogunlesi will be a part of the 16-man advisory committee responsible for providing individual views on ways government policies can drive economic growth.

“He has degrees from Oxford and Harvard.”

The manager noted that a plane carrying members of Brazil’s Serie A side, Chapecoense, crashed in Columbia, killing 71 people, with 6 survivors, among them three players.

He said, “The team was scheduled to play in the Copa Sudamericana finals against Atletico Nacional in Medellin last week.


“In honour of the dead players, the governing body of the South American football awarded the 2016 Copa Sudamericana championship and prize money of $2m (£1.57m) to Chapecoense.”

The Google manager said that a stowaway had a free passage to his destination but eventually died.

He said, “The hope of a free passage to South Africa did not come true for the man whose lifeless body was found in the main wheel well of one of Arik Air’s A330-200 aircraft.

“The dead stowaway was discovered by engineers of South African Airways technical facility at the Oliver Tambo International Airport during an inspection on the aircraft.

“Investigations are ongoing to know how the dead man was able to get to the aircraft’s main wheel.”

He listed other stories that trended on the Google search over the week to include updates on the `Biafra’ agitator, Kanu Nnamdi, who was again refused bail along with three other agitators.

He said that December became a search item not for the many celebrations in the year, but for the Lagos State’s announcement to offer its residents a succour with its new housing projects.

He added that a new Ponzi system called Giver’s Forum and LASU’s promotion of some of its lecturers also trended.


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