Trump: “We Already Learned German in Paris Before the United States Arrived” During The War

The idea of ​​a “European army” evoked by Emmanuel Macron crisps Washington. After having already criticized it, Donald Trump returned to the charge, evoking the time when the French “learned German” during the German occupation.

While the debate over a European army was relaunched by Emmanuel Macron on 6 November, when he suggested that Europe “build its own army”, Donald Trump reacted again on Twitter on 13 November. “Emmanuel Macron suggests to have a clean army to protect Europe against the United States, China and Russia.

But it was Germany, during the First and Second World Wars. How did France get out? German was beginning to be learned in Paris before the United States intervened. Pay for NATO or not! “


This proposal had already aroused the ire of Donald Trump, who considered it “very insulting”, just before his arrival in France to commemorate the end of the First World War. In the process, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had considered such a move “totally meaningless” and reaffirmed the primacy of the “transatlantic link”.

Donald Trump regularly urges European NATO member states to increase military spending, saying the United States is paying too much of the Atlantic Alliance budget. Emmanuel Macron thinks, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that Europe must increase the autonomy of its defense against the growing withdrawal of Washington.

Source:  RT 


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