‘Trump Tried To Force A Kiss On Me,’ A Former News Anchor Drops A Bombshell


It seems like president Trump is also not immune from the recent disaster of exposing sexual scandals—involving highly profiled men.

A former Fox News anchor, Juliet Huddy, has alleged that Trump tried to kiss her in around 2005-2006 – at the time he was in a marriage with First Lady Melania Trump.

Huddy said the incident occurred in an elevator in Trump Tower after the pair had lunch together.

The media icon, who now hosts a show on WABC Radio, revealed the story on a recent morning.

“He took me to have lunch at Trump Tower—just us two,” Huddy said. “He told me ‘goodbye’ in an elevator as his security guy watched. And instead of kissing me on my cheek Donald leaned in to lock his lips with mine.”

Although Huddy says, “I wasn’t offended,” she admits that “I was surprised and kind of, ‘Oh my God!”

Trump married Melania on Jan. 2005. Huddy, says, she never realized that Trump was married and she just believed the then business mogul was a single guy making a move.

“I wasn’t offended by it. I just thought he was a typical single man,” Huddy adds. “He leaned in for a kiss, maybe thinking that, ‘she has been out with me for lunch and she might be interested in me.’”


Huddy revealed that she later met a boyfriend and Trump invited them where “everything was put in order after that.”

She adds that although Trump “surprised me when he went for the lips,” he never threatened me at all.

“When he took me out for lunch I thought that we would maybe talk about doing something with ‘The Apprentice,’” Huddy adds. “He used to watch the show that I was hosting—during the weekends—‘Fox & Friends.’”

“Although It was a weird moment, everything eventually became fine. He never attempted anything after the kiss incident,” she adds. “But I ensured that never again will I remain alone with him.”

Trump, however, joked about the incident—years later—when he showed up on Huddy’s Fox News show.

“Trump was my guest and was on stage,” she recalls. “He boldly said, to the producers and audience, not on camera, that ‘I tried hitting on Huddy, but unfortunately she blew me off.’ He said it while laughing.”

Huddy says “Now that I’ve matured I think I would have told him, ‘Woah, no!’ but at that time I was young and shocked. Even though I thought that maybe he never meant to do it, I kept making excuses.”



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