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Trump To Putin – “Russia Is Strong, But The United States Is Very Strong”!!

Donald Trump discussed the prospects of Russian-American relations, which are still vague. According to him, “Russia is a strong country”, yet it is the USA that are “very strong”. Nevertheless, the US President did not comment on his clear expectations about the future of these relations.

Discussing the current situation, US President Donald Trump commented on his relations with his Russian counterpart.

“Putin is the leader of Russia. Russia is a strong country. We (the United States), we are a very strong country. We will see how it works, “said the White House tenant at the joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.


In addition, Donald Trump stressed that the US authorities could find a common language with the Russian administration.

“If we can find a common language with Putin, that will be wonderful. “

According to him, negotiations with the head of the Russian diplomacy Sergei Lavrov took place “better than expected”.

“I think we had a very good meeting in Russia, but we are interested in the final result and not in the negotiations themselves,” Trump said.

Rex Tillerson came to Moscow for the first time as head of the US State Department on April 12. He first negotiated with the Russian Foreign Minister on the situation in Syria and on Russian-American bilateral relations to be subsequently received by President Putin. Both sides described the meeting as fruitful.



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