Trump Threatens To Attack Syria, Putin Threatens To Retaliate And Sends Several Fighter Planes To Syria!


The United States has recently threatened Damascus by stating that it would carry out attacks in Syria on the use of chemical weapons, prompting a Russian reaction. The strengthening of Russian air forces in Syria is justified in this context of escalating tensions between Moscow and Washington.

“The Russian government submitted on Friday a protocol signed with Syria on the deployment of a Russian air force to be ratified by President Vladimir Putin,” the official Russian legal information website said.


Russia then decided to send several fighter planes to Syria to fight back in case of US aggression against the Bashar Assad regime.

“I order the ratification of the protocol to the Russian-Syrian agreement on the deployment of a Russian air group in Syria signed in Damascus on 18 January 2017 and to submit it to the President of the Russian Federation who will present it to the Syrian Duma for ratification, “Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in his statement.

“If the United States ever implements its threat in Syria, we will respond in the most appropriate way,” said Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister.

If the US and its allies strike Syria and Russia retaliates, it will probably be remembered that the third world war began in Syria.



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