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Trump Threatened on Twitter by a Frenchman Posing as Buhari

Nicknamed FC Hagra, a member of the hacker group stood out with a very special joke on twitter. Using his own methods, the man managed to hack into the official Twitter account of a Nigerian political party.

From there, he simulated a message of war against the United States on behalf of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari:  ” I, Muhammadu Buhari, declare war on the United States today by promising to destroy citizens adhering to Donald Trump’s policy. @realDonaldTrump, you have been warned  could be read in unprofessional English.


A few minutes later, the publication was deleted by its author. However, the Nigerian authorities have made no official communication to this effect. If we stick to a few secrets that have been made by a member of the group to a French media, the idea would actually be born of a joke between friends.

Subsequently, the joke took on another dimension and looked like a personal challenge after publication:  ” It should be noted that, although these so-called hackers tried to attack our resources through childish methods, these young criminals have by no means the means to face the technological superiority of Nigeria. It is impossible for them to hack us   could be read in a publication whose author has not been identified.

It was enough for FC Hagra to launch a real attack against certain official platforms in Nigeria. The group of hackers whose age is between 13 and 24 has managed to hack the site of the domain of the Nigerian government. They also managed to hack into the Nigerian Presidency site for a few hours.


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