Trump Says He’s Not Bothered About the Flight of ISIS Fighters Because they Will Go to Europe

Donald Trump defended his decision to withdraw American troops from northern Syria and to abandon the Kurdish allies of America to a Turkish invasion, because “they did not help us with Normandy”.

The president insisted that he loved the Kurds – who led the fight against ISIS alongside the US – but added that they were acting in their own interest to fight against ISIS and it was time for them to continue the fight alone.

Trump also hinted that he was not worried about the flight of ISIS fighters detained by the Kurds in the face of Turkish attacks because “they would return to Europe”.


“This is where they want to go, they want to go home, but Europe does not want them,” he said Wednesday night.

“For months, we could have given it to them, they could have experimented, they could have done what they wanted, but as usual, it’s not reciprocal.

That’s all I want, I do not want a benefit, I just want reciprocity … It’s not a fair deal for the United States. “


Written by How Africa

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