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Trump Punishes Relatives of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Punitive measures have recently been taken by the United States against two relatives of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

At least that’s what was announced by Washington. Indeed, President Donald Trump accuses Owen Ncube and Anse-Lem Sanyat-We of gross human rights violations. These two men are involved in the suppression of demonstrations during the 2018 elections.


Owen Ncube who is the current Minister of National Security is accused of “human rights violations” , because he acted in the suppression of post-election protests, in which at least 6 people lost their lives. life.

Anse-Lem Sanyat-We, the current Zimbabwe ambassador to Tanzania, is accused of ordering soldiers who shot protesters, several days after the August 2018 presidential election.

It should be noted that these two relatives of the Zimbabwean president were already targeted by the American authorities. A few months earlier, the latter had forbidden them access to American territory. Now, it is their potential financial assets that will be blocked by the United States.

As a reminder, the American government had announced sanctions against a hundred Zimbabwean entities and citizens. At this level, he cited the authorities’ lack of will to reform the country as well as human rights violations.


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