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Trump Paid Millions Of Dollars To Hide These Photos- Is This Really A Father-Daughter Rapport Or..

Donald Trump is known big time for making outrageous statements about a wide range of topics but what many people don’t know is that he’s also known for taking outrageous pictures.Below are some of the pictures that Donald Trump has been trying hard to hide.

However, we managed to get them just for you.


Ivanka Lap Dancingivanka-trump

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how close a father and daughter are. This picture shouldn’t have existed. This picture shows Ivanka lap-dancing on her fathers lap.

Here is this picture, Donald and Ivanka share a picture showing their sweet Father-Daughter relationship. It’s great to see a tight knit relationship between two family members. And a father-daughter relationship is definitely something unique that can shape a woman for life




This picture is perhaps the most intimate. Ivanka looks like she’s romantically in love with her father in this picture. You can see her holding his face gently while looking at him in a seductive way

He Can’t Help But Kiss Em’gettyimages-3470309-1-compressed

The two of Donald’s favorite woman in one picture. I guess as Donald says, sometimes he help but just going in and kiss any beautiful woman he sees. Even if it’s his daughter Ivanka.

At the Republican Convention

This picture was kind of interesting. It was taken recently at the Republican National Convention. Ivanka had just finished making a speech and Donald help his daughter pretty low on the hips  as the exchanged places on the stage. Also, take a look it his eyes. Why is he eyeing his daughter’s body like that.

 Inappropriate Kiss

Olivia Culpo, who won the Miss America and Miss Universe title doesn’t look too pleased about this forced kiss from the Donald.

Remember how he said he like’s to grab women right in the p***y. We’ll apparently, men aren’t safe either. Poor Bill.



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