Trump Meets Barack Obama After US Election

Donald Trump is heading for the White House today after being elected as the 45th US president.

Barack Obama is still in charge for now but he will host President-elect Trump at a meeting in the Oval Office as part of the transition of power.

The meeting at (11am EST) could be an awkward encounter after what was said during a bitter campaign in which Obama branded Trump “unfit” for the presidency and “woefully unprepared”. But part of Obama’s job now is to help prepare Trump for the presidency and he has urged American’s to respect the shock election result.

Speaking from White House he said: “That’s what the country needs – a sense of unity; a sense of inclusion; a respect for our institutions, our way of life, rule of law; and a respect for each other.”

But many have been in no mood heed that call for unity. Thousands of demonstrators crowded into streets and surrounding his buildings in major American cities on Wednesday night.


Some held banners saying “She got more votes” a reference to Hillary Clinton appearing poised to win the popular vote. Others who protesters were supporters of Bernie Sanders, the “democratic socialist” who Clinton narrowly beat for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders reacted to Trump’s victory by acknowledging that he successfully tapped into anti-establishment rage but Sanders vowed to continue to challenge him.

And international leaders have also been struggling in their own way to come to terms with Trump’s victory. Is it is end of the neo-liberal era declared the French ambassador to the US.

  • Who will be appointed to Trump’s cabinet?
  • Will Trump destroy America?
  • Why were the polls so wrong?
  • How did the world’s press cover Trump’s victory?
  • What will President Trump do?



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