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Trump: “It’s the Russians Who Like to Come to the United States, they will Suffer from the Closure”

Russia took measures on Thursday similar to those decided Monday by Washington. The United States says it is examining its “options”. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday (March 29th) announced the expulsion of sixty US diplomats in response to similar measures taken by Washington on Monday in a coordinated effort with many other Western countries.

Moscow’s measures “include the expulsion of the same number of diplomats and the withdrawal of accreditation from the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg,” Russia’s second largest city, located in northwestern Russia said Lavrov at a press conference.

“At this very moment, the US Ambassador [Jon] Huntsman has been invited to the ministry, where my deputy minister, Sergei Riabkov, informs him of the contents of these retaliatory measures against the United States,” he said. he added.


The US President reacted to the closure of the US Embassy in St. Petersburg ” Listen, there are many more Russians in the United States than Americans in Russia. it’s the Russians who like to come to the United States. they will suffer from the closure. Russian has no reason to close the embassy. their citizens are those who love America. Look, how many Americans do we have in Russia? ”

I think that these Masses taken by Russia will greatly affect the Russians because they love our country so much. But we are watching closely and they will surely hear us soon >

The US State Department replied that Moscow had no reason to expel diplomats and that Russia should not pose as a victim. “There is no justification for the Russian reaction , ” said Heather Nauert, her spokesperson, during a briefing. “We reserve the right to respond,” she continued, noting that “options were being examined . “


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