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‘Trump Immigration Ban’!! EgyptAir, Others Begin Implementing Orders!!

President Donald Trump immigration ban on some Muslim countries seems to have been finalized as some airlines are already implementing the ban.

EgyptAir has now confirmed that it is implementing the Trump travel ban for Muslims from some 7 predominantly Muslim countries. These countries include Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen.

Trump ordered that immigrants from these countries should not be admitted into the United States until the State Department and Department of Homeland Security finalize an “extreme vetting” process

The supervisor of EgyptAir’s daily flight to New York, Hossam Hussein said that they were notified by authorities on the new order. EgyptAir,however, added that holders of diplomatic passports and government officials from these countries would be allowed to board their airline.

Airlines were directed to prevent anyone with a U.S. immigration visa from the seven Muslim countries from entering into the United States



The Trump immigration ban has led to massive protests across the U.S as people argue that this order does not guarantee the safeness of the United States, but rather makes the U.S less welcoming and fearful.

Others argued that there is already a rigid vetting process put in place which President Trump is believed to have had no idea about. The refugee application process is said to take a period of 18-24 months, requiring various interviews and background checks to ensure that they are not potential terrorists.

Although Trump states his reason for this ban is to set up a more rigorous vetting system, he has failed to explain just what this rigorous vetting system is.

The immigration ban is classified as temporary by President Trump. The executive order suspends the U.S refugee admissions system for about 4 months (120 days). It also prevents a legal U.S citizens in any of the countries from re-entering the country until further notice.


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