Trump: I´ll Write My Own Inaugural Speech -Donald Trump

Donald Trump has said he plans to write his own inaugural address and is drawing inspiration from former US presidents Ronald Reagan and John F Kennedy.

The billionaire property tycoon, who will become president on January 20, has said that Mr Reagan had “incredible style” and also noted the upcoming 100th anniversary of Mr Kennedy’s birth, according to a person who has spoken with the leader-in-waiting at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.

Mr Trump is spending the Christmas and New Year holiday at the club but is also focusing on veterans’ health issues and has told visitors he plans to make that a priority in his administration, the source said.

The announcement came during a whirlwind day in which Mr Trump accused US president Barack Obama of throwing up “inflammatory” roadblocks during the transition of power and said his administration was treating Israel with “total disdain”.

However, when journalists at the Mar-a-Lago resort asked him about the tweet and how he thought the transition was going, he said: “I think very, very smoothly. It’s very good. You don’t think so?”

Later Mr Trump told reporters he had spoken by phone with Mr Obama and said the two “had a very nice conversation”.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Mr Obama phoned Mr Trump.

“Today’s call, like the others since the election, was positive and focused on continuing a smooth and effective transition,” he said.

“The president and president-elect committed to staying in touch over the next several weeks.”

Mr Trump also took direct issue with the Obama administration’s decision to let a United Nations Security Council resolution critical of Israel pass.

The president-elect’s complaints about the treatment of Israel came a few hours before John Kerry made his final speech about Middle East peace as secretary of state.

Mr Kerry criticised Israel for settlement-building and accused prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of dragging Israel away from democracy.

Later Mr Trump appeared yet again at on the steps of the club, this time alongside boxing entrepreneur Don King, who carried about a dozen flags, including those of the US and Israel; wore two big diamond necklaces, one of the Star of David and one of the American flag; and sported a large pin featuring a picture of Mr Trump.

With Mr King by his side, Mr Trump said he and Mr Obama had “a very, very good talk”, dismissing days of tense remarks by the outgoing and incoming presidents about who would win if they were to hypothetically run against each other.

“We talked about it and smiled about it and nobody is ever going to know because we are never going to be going against each other,” Mr Trump said.

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