Trump: “If Iran Wants to Fight, It Will be the Official End of Iran. Never Threaten the United States Again”

US President Donald Trump threatened Iran on Sunday in a tweet that raised concerns over the possibility of US-Iran conflict at a time when tensions between Washington and Tehran got worse.

“If Iran wants to fight, it will be the official end of Iran. Never again threaten the United States, “Trump said in a tweet.

Trump has tightened economic sanctions against Iran and his administration has said it has strengthened the US military presence in the region. He accuses Iran of threats against American troops and interests.




Iran says it does not want war

The Iranian Foreign Minister downplayed the importance of a new war in the region on Saturday, saying Tehran was opposed to it and that no party was under the “illusion” that the Islamic republic could face. .

“We are certain (…) there will be no war because we do not want war and no one has the illusion of being able to face Iran in the region,” Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters. official IRNA news agency after a visit to China.

US-Iran relations reached a new low last year, as US President Trump pulled out of a 2015 nuclear deal and reinstated unilateral sanctions lifted in exchange for Tehran’s reduction of its nuclear program


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