Trump Declares Himself America’s Next President Despite Elections More Than Two Years Away

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Former US president, Donald Trump has declared himself America’s next president despite the 2024 presidential elections more than two years away.


Trump, America’s 45th president revealed his dream to be the country’s 47th President, as Joe Biden is the 46th president.

The billionaire businessman made the declaration on Wednesday, January 26 while playing golf at one of his golf resorts.


In the video,Trump was walking to the first tee when one of the people he was playing with said, ‘Now on the tee, the 45th president of the United States’.


Trump, wearing his trademark ‘Make America Great Again’ cap with ’45’, stood up after setting the golf ball and the took a walk around and then interjected the person as he said confidently ‘The 45th and 47th,’


The ex-president’s playing partners can be heard cheering to his remark and one of them says, ‘Yes, I love that!’


Watch the video below;

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