Trump Cuts Aid to Three Countries That “Do Nothing” Against Illegal Immigration

Believing that they were not doing enough to stem the flow of illegal migrants from their countries to the United States, US President Donald Trump has removed financial aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


The US State Department said on the evening of March 30 that Washington had decided to cut financial aid granted so far to three Central American countries, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. “At the request of the Secretary of State, we implement the decision of the President and put an end to the assistance programs for the” North Triangle “for the budget years 2017 and 2018”, explained to several media, including USA Today , a spokesman for US diplomacy.

The 2018 budget year ended last fall, and the State Department did not specify how much unspent money was actually affected by this measure. Over these two years, US $ 1.3 billion has been allocated to Central America for US official development assistance, the bulk of which has been allocated to these three countries, which constitute the “Northern Triangle”. “.

The US president had previously denounced the formation of two new caravans of migrants, mainly from Guatemala. In a message posted on Twitter, he blasted the inaction of the governments of the three countries in the face of this phenomenon: “Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have been taking our money for years and doing nothing.” He also threatened to close the US border if Mexico does not take steps to stop the flow of illegal migrants.


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