Trump Cancels His Meeting With Putin On The Ukrainian Crisis

In a tweet, Donald Trump announced that it was better to cancel his meeting with Vladimir Putin. This was to take place on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Argentina and should enable them to address the issue of the Ukrainian crisis.

US President Donald Trump announced on the evening of November 29 that he was canceling his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was to be held at the next G20 meeting in Argentina and address the issue of the Ukrainian crisis, which has recently experienced renewed tension in the Azov Sea .

“Starting from the fact that the ships and sailors were not returned by Russia to Ukraine, I decided that it would be better for all concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in Argentina with the President Vladimir Putin. I look forward to [participating] in a new constructive summit as soon as this situation is resolved! “Tweeted the US President.


The president of the United States had already expressed doubts about this meeting, including in an interview with the  Washington Post on November 28: he said he would cancel “perhaps” his tete-a-tete with his Russian counterpart.

Donald Trump refers to the renewed tensions between Kiev and Moscow since November 25, when Russian coast guards boarded three ships of the Ukrainian Navy in the Black Sea near the Crimean peninsula. This is the first military incident between Moscow and Kiev since the beginning of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine between Ukrainian forces and separatists.

Reacting to Donald Trump’s tweet, the Kremlin has indicated that it has not yet received any notice of this cancellation through official diplomatic channels. 

Renewed tensions between Russia and Ukraine

Martial law, passed by the Ukrainian parliament on 26 November, entered into force on 28 November for a period of 30 days in ten border and coastal regions of that country. In response to concerns, the Ukrainian authorities have ensured that this martial law, which makes it possible to mobilize citizens, regulate the media and limit public gatherings, was “preventive”. Vladimir Putin, for his part, defended his armed forces and stressed the fact that the Russian coastguards had simply “fulfilled their duty with precision”.

In the face of this escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the European Union declared itself “extremely worried” on November 28, but does not envisage new measures to sanction the Russian boarding of Ukrainian vessels: “We are appalled by this use of force by Russia, which, in a context of increasing militarization in the region, is unacceptable, “said the governments of the 28 countries of the European Union in a statement issued by the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini, after three days of discussions.

The Russian president warned Ukraine against any “thoughtless” act and asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put pressure on this ally of Westerners. Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone with the German Chancellor, informing him of Moscow’s “serious concern” over the introduction of martial law in Ukraine.


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