Trump Announces It Will Not Certify Iran’s Nuclear Agreement, “One of the worst”

Trump announces it will not certify Iran's nuclear agreement, "one of the worst" © Yuri Gripas Source: Reuters
US President Donald Trump

Speaking at the White House on 13 October, the President of the United States announced the “non-certification” of Tehran’s commitments under the Iranian nuclear agreement with the Obama administration and six others country. The US head of state believes that the agreement, which aims to lead Iran to abandon the nuclear bomb, is “one of the worst” ever decided and allowed only “weak inspections in exchange for nothing more than to postpone, purely in the short term and temporarily, Iran’s advance towards nuclear weapons. ”


“What is the meaning of an agreement that only delays nuclear capacity for a short period of time? This is unacceptable to the President of the United States, “said Donald Trump.

The United States remains in the agreement but can cancel it “at any time”

The US president said he could terminate the Iranian nuclear agreement at any time if the White House, Congress and their “allies” are “unable to find a solution.”

This “non-certification” places the US Congress in the front line: parliamentarians have 60 days to decide whether to reinstate sanctions lifted since 2015.

Earlier in the day, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson explained that the Trump administration did not ask the Congress “to reinstate sanctions [to Iran existing before the agreement] because it would de facto leave the agreement. ”

“We believe that the agreement is weak and does not answer several important questions,” said the head of the US diplomacy, evoking the possibility of a new agreement in the future that would not replace the existing one but would come the complete.

Rex Tillerson also announced targeted sanctions against leaders of the Revolutionary Guards, the Iranian elite army. On the other hand, the assumption by some American media of the designation of this elite army as a “terrorist group” was not accepted by the Trump administration.

For several days, Iranian political and military leaders had warned against such a possibility.


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