Truck Driver With 33 Children From Multiple Baby Mamas Is Called Out As He Proudly Shows Off His Kids; He Responds


A truck driver has gone viral after he did a photoshoot with some of his children.


Demond George and his kids wore matching t-shirts and jeans as they posed for the photoshoot. The t-shirts had “The Legacy” printed on them.


The father-of-thirty-three shared photos from the shoot on Facebook and said that his legacy will live forever.



He thanked his many baby mamas for caring for his kids.


He also thanked his kids’ uncles who pitch in.


He added that 9 of his kids are not present in the pictures.



Many of his kids are close in age, indicating many of the women were pregnant at the same time.


His post generated criticism as people mocked him for going around impregnating women ‘irresponsibly.’



Many pointed out that as a truck driver, he doesn’t make enough to care for 33 kids.


After being criticised for having kids irresponsibly, the man went live on Facebook to hit out at his critics.


He said to his critics, “I aint weak. I just don’t pull out. I don’t pull out. I ain’t trying to pull out.”




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