With All These Troubles, Is President Zuma Now A Pedophile As Teenage Girl Posts Pictures Of Them Kissing (Photos)

The young girl being kissed by President Jacob Zuma in pictures that have caused a stir on social media is a family friend he helped to raise, sources close to the Presidency said

The sources said the legend claiming that Zuma was her “blesser”, suggesting they had a sexual relationship, was false, as was the name and age given on the Facebook page where the pictures were published before it was shut down.


They say the girl is 16, not 19 as was claimed on Facebook, and “distraught” at the abuse of the photographs.

Zuma’s son Edward was quoted in the media as saying he considered the girl his “sister” and that there was nothing untoward about the president kissing her.

There has been no official comment from the Presidency.

When initial reports surfaced, Tweeps did not take well to President Zuma being a ‘blesser’.

However, not many people believe that the girl shown in the pictures is the President’s family friend.


Written by How Africa

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