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Watch! This is How Some Tribes in Africa Encourage Cows to Produce Milk

In Sudan, people of the Dinga tribe stimulate cows by blowing air into his anus. This practice is used only with the cows that have lost their offspring. As they have more children to feed, they produce more milk. This method allows, in addition to urine and feces of the animal leave the, triggering the production of milk in the udder of the cow. So this woman is set to reap the milk, after blowing up the ass of the cow.

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This is a technique used in desert areas in Africa where people are looking for an essential element but rare water. This method is also used to force the cow to urinate. The urine is then used to wash the children but also for their hair pigment through natural chemicals contained in the urine. The hair then becomes yellow-orange color. This is a Sudanese custom.

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Young boys often responsible for this work



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