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Trevor Noah Hilariously Takes a Jab on Donald Trump’s Reaction to Coronavirus

Trevor Noah enjoys taking little jabs at America’s president, Donald Trump. Whenever he can, he will make a remark or outright criticise the president.

Recently, the SA-born funnyman reacted to President Trump’s reaction to the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.

From Trevor’s jokes and comments, it is clear he has little faith in the president and the way he has been dealing with the matter.

Trevor joked that President Trump is more concerned about the stock market than the lives of American citizens.

“Trump is great for jokes, but in times of crisis, Trump is the worst person to reassure the nation.”

He also went on to joke about the man Trump left in charge of taking care of things – vice-president Mike Pence.

“Pence has a lot of experience in this. He’s been quarantining himself from women all his life.”



The citizens had been working onboard the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. The pair are currently being treated in Japan, where they will remain until they have fully recovered.

The health ministry released a statement confirming the infections on Friday:

“The South African government has been made aware by Japanese authorities through the South African embassy in Tokyo, that there were 12 South African crew members working onboard the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship when it was affected by Covid-19.”


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