TRENDING: #WeKnowYourSalary – Kenyans Expose Politicians, Tycoons ‘Illegal Wealth’

Barely a week after Kenya’s President Kenyatta announced that a lifestyle audit will be conducted on all public servants, including himself, tongues have started wagging as Kenyans reacted on Twitter by spitting out names of leaders they believe have illegal wealth.

The trending hashtag since Monday has been #WeKnowYourSalary and Kenyans, in enthusiastic fashion, have been posting pictures and information on hundreds of property allegedly linked to different politicians.

The overwhelming tweets combining sensational and unverified information has given a clear sign that the president’s call for a lifestyle audit has a huge citizen backing.

“Transparency is when all those in authority declare what they own and how they got their property,” said President Kenyatta.

“We will conduct lifestyle audit for all public servants beginning with myself as a step towards fighting corruption,” the president said on Twitter.

Top leaders in the president’s government, senior officials in the Legislature and governors were among those Kenyans have been urging to explain how they were able to accumulate wealth overnight despite their average salary and profiles before they got their current positions.

Properties running into billions, thousands of acres of land across the country, flats and property in the hotel sector are the top mentioned assets owned by politicians and government officials.

Here are some of those tweets:

Although experts have expressed reservations in whether the lifestyle audit will yield any fruits, Kenyans across the country have continued tweeting with optimism hoping the authorities will pick up the information. Others have read politics arguing that the lifestyle audit is targeting well-known individuals who have been mentioned.

The trend has also caught with neighbouring countries with some of them wondering whether the same could take place in their countries.




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