Trend: Men, Brazilian Beard Yay Or Nay??

African woman have long been criticized especially by men for investing in Brazilian, and other expensive hair brands since the “Brazilian hair craze,” some years back.

At the time, if  men knew they would soon wear Brazilian beard extention, they would have keeled over with sarcastic laughter.

Years later, the Brazilian beard weave is now being advertised for men who want to join the beard gang but simply cannot grow facial hairs.


This beard weave advertised on social media comes in various lengths just like hair extensions, from 2 to 8 inches plus a free closure!

Following a boom in high maintenance barbershops around the continent, the number of brands aimed towards facial hair care show considerate growth.

Photo culled from Pinterest


Now we are left with the question of weather beards might be just another short-lived fashion…


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