How I Was Treated Like A “Slave” – Kolo Toure’s Maid

FOOTIE ace Kolo Toure’s maid told last night how she was treated like a “slave” — working up to 16 hours a day on less than the national minimum wage.

Alice Sawyer, 30, was so terrified of the Liverpool star’s wife that she fled. The home help claimed Toure, 35, witnessed some of her torment but never put a stop to it.

The home help also claimed her passport was kept from her when she tried to leave last Saturday.

Kolo Toure with his wife Awo.
Red and his wag … Liverpool defender Kolo Toure and wife Awo at a dinner The Sun

Alice revealed she had to always call Awo “Madam” and was made to carry out “demeaning” tasks — such as tying the Wag’s shoelaces.


She claimed the couple demanded she work shifts of up to 16 hours and sometimes got by on less than four hours’ kip.

Alice once worked 16 days without a break with no holiday or sick pay. Her pay rate equated at times to £6.63 an hour — below the national minimum wage of £7.20.

She was left feeling like a “slave”.

Liverpool star Kolo, 35, witnessed some of the treatment meted out to Alice but never put a stop to it.

Her torment ended when her family rang 999 to alert police after Awo, 36, refused to return her passport as Alice insisted: “I can’t take any more. I want to leave.”

Mother-of-two Alice, who has a British dad and Filipino mum, said: “I arrived at the house to get my things and said I was leaving.

“She made me open my luggage and turn my things upside down to make sure I hadn’t stolen anything.

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