Traveler Labeled Jesus Spotted Smoking Shisha at a Nightclub (Photos)

So much has been said about Daniel Christos, the man whose uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ is unmistakable.

He is currently in Kenya in the company of his wife-a fellow traveler who has accompanied him all the way from Perth, Australia where he resides.

Christos who says that he is not in any way the Messiah says that he was appalled by Kenyans who said that he was pretending to be Jesus.



He asked Kenyans to be a little more considerate even more so with Jesus when he returned to the world during the apocalypse.

Last weekend, photos of him at a local watering joint lit up the internet- paradoxically, he wasn’t turning water into wine- he was smoking Sheesha.


Speaking to the media, Christos says he’s just an innocent traveler and his only resemblance to Jesus is his name Christos which means ‘anointed’

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