Travel Tips: Vital Things To Ask Your Travel Agent Before Making That Anticipated Trip

Traveling on a journey, particularly abroad, can be either energizing or overpowering – relying upon whether you’re a seasoned traveler or not.

This is why it is valuable to have an agenda of inquiries you might want replied before your vacation.

Here are a few inquiries that ought to be valuable:

When is the best time of the year to visit which destination?

If you are someone who likes being surrounded by a lot of fellow travellers, you may want to vacation during peak season. And if you like privacy, off-peak season would work best for you. The weather is also another factor.

Are there discounts depending on whether its peak or off peak season?

Some travel agencies have deals depending on the time of year. It is always advisable to book your holiday early so that you have a wider variety of destinations and to get the best discounts on your holiday.


What documentation do I need for my trip?

Depending on where you’re going, some countries require visas which in turn require personal documents like medical certificates, marriage certificates and bank statements. The travel agent will know what documents are required for your preferred destination. Visas are an extra cost and so they need to be factored in to your holiday budget.


What is the weather like?

If you have a destination picked already, you definitely want to be prepared for the weather. Nothing worse than packing for summer when it is winter or vice versa. It’s also useful to know just HOW hot or cold the destination is so that you can pack proper attire. We always suggest you layer your clothing.

What is the luggage weight limit?

Airlines are increasingly strict about this policy so it is important that you know how much you’re allowed to carry in the aircraft hold and on the plane – both size and weight. Imagine having packed all your favourite outfits only to have to leave them at the airport. No bueno!

How much time will I spend in transit?

Whilst your flight time might be relatively short, it’s always good to know exactly how long your trip will be from the airport to your destination. Those few hours’ difference could even dictate which hotel or accommodation you go for when making your booking.

What sort of travel insurance would you recommend?

It’s always important to stay safe whilst travelling, and travel insurance provides a security in case something goes wrong whilst travelling. There are various packages to choose from.


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