Transgender Comedian Daphne Dorman Commits Suicide at 44

Daphne Dorman, 44, a transgender comedian and activist has died.

According to Independent UK, Dorman died by apparent suicide. She posted a message on her Facebook page, wherein she said goodbye to her loved ones on Friday. She also shared a photo collage announcing her death alongside the message.

Dorman wrote, “I’m sorry. I’ve thought about this a lot before this morning. How do you say “goodbye” and “I’m sorry” and “I love you” to all the beautiful souls you know? For the last time. There’s no good way. That’s what I got out of all that thought.

“To those of you who are mad at me: please forgive me. To those of you who wonder if you failed me: you didn’t. To those of you feel like I failed you: I did and I’m sorry and I hope you’ll remember me in better times and better light.


“I love you all. I’m sorry. Please help my daughter, Naia, understand that none of this is her fault. Please remind her that I loved her with every fibre of my being. Daphne”

Dorman’s sister Becky Kugler confirmed the death of her sister and shared a tribute online that read: “Sweet, sweet Daphne. I so wish we could all have helped you through your darkness. We’ll always love you, fly high sweet angel.”

Following the news, the Office of Transgender Initiatives in San Francisco also confirmed Dorman’s death on its Twitter account and offered to counsel for anyone seeking help.

Before she embarked on a comedy career, the Philadelphia-born entertainer was an accomplished software engineer.


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